On sunday morning we went to church, I knew afterwards this would be the best time to tell my mom.
I was more afraid that she would tell my dad and big brother's.
I knew they would just kill me!
arriving at home, i pulled my mom aside and sat her on the bed.
i told her "mom, i missed my period"
and she said, "oh it's okay nothing's wrong, im sure you will get it in a few day's"
(late period's are normal in my family)
So than i realised oh gee this is no going to be as easy as i hoped.
and then i told her, "no mom, i missed my period. i think i may be pregnant"
and she said, "what?!!? no. you'r not."
imidiatly there after we went to h.e.b, and bought 2 boxes of first response pregnancy test.
both containing 2 test in each.
i took 3 and had my mom take 1.
to see the diferance.
mine had 2 line's and my mom had 1.
she said "WAIT, this can't be! IM NOT PREGNANT"!
haha she thought her test was positive and mine was negative.
than me and my little sister explained to her how the test work's.
my little sister knew from the get go.
she said it was the signs and symptom's.
she know's me better than anyone in the world!
after we explained.
my mom was in shock, disbelief. because she had so much hope and she was so happy for me that i was changing my way's.
As soon as we got home, she said i won't tell anyone yet.. blah blah blah.
as i turn around, there she goes.. and TELL'S MY DAD!
he called me in the room.
couldn't even look me in the eye's.
i was so full of guilt, looking at my mom like you tattle tale.
when this was all my fault.
than, i turn around.. and here come's my brother.
My parent's told him the new's.
I ran down the street crying, calling my bestfriend to come pick me up.
my sister in law, being the same age i was when having her first child (my nephew)
she tried to calm me down. reassure me that he will get over it, and accept my son.
after a few month's went by.
telling the rest of my family, and getting the acceptance and love from them that i needed.
Everything turned out just right!
40 week's of carrying a healthy fast growing, beautiful little boy.
September 4th, (my due date)
I delivered my handsome Son Javen Angel, at 4:50 pm.
Weighing 8 pound's even.
19 1/2 inches tall!
Thank You Lord.